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Xmasy stuff... Dec. 23rd, 2005 @ 06:39 pm
Here are some Xmas links for you all. You can hear the Winwood family (still trying to figure out who the old dude is in the corner) sing some carol I've never heard. It's very cute.
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Chat on Friday... Dec. 13th, 2005 @ 02:16 pm
Hi guys,

If anyone is interested, there is a chat happening with the man himself on Friday. The website said to check back frequently on that day to get updates. Registration is not required and it's first come, first serve.

More info.
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recent BMI pics of Steve... Dec. 2nd, 2005 @ 05:07 pm
Hi guys,

Steve was honoured as a BMI icon awhile back. Click on the 2005 Slideshow to view them.
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Low Spark and the war on Iraq... Nov. 24th, 2005 @ 10:43 am
Recently, the Republican National Committee has released a video regarding opposition to the war on Iraq on their website and the video's soundtrack is an intrumental version of Low Spark of High-heeled Boys.

This was done without Steve Winwood's knowledge and consent and he is coordinating with his webmaster to have the song removed.

Even though music is an excellent way to mobilize people into political action, it should be noted that with a few exceptions, Steve Winwood typically does not get involved. Some of his earlier Traffic tunes may have subplots that deal with British society, but he usually stays away from making political statements in his music.
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Great Traffic...oops? Nov. 16th, 2005 @ 10:08 pm
Hello all,

Just thought I'd pass this on.

If anyone has bought the Last Great Traffic Jam DVD, please check to see if it is in Stereo. I was on the Coloured Rain fansite and they said that people have been complaining because their copies are in Mono. This is a manufacturing error and should be reported. Oh, and all copies that have this defect seem to be coming from the US and not from the UK.

Now I should care about this, but I don't really. It still sounds just fine, but for those of you who are music purists, the kind folks at colrain@senzatempo.co.uk are more than happy to receive your comments. They said to PLEASE NOT email Steve Winwood's official site or Sony Epic. They know already and don't need more complaints.
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Other entries
» updates on Steve...
Hello all,

Steve Winwood is being honoured at a ceremony as BMI icon on November 29 at the Dorchester hotel in London.

And he will be partially representing Jimi Hendrix at the UK Roll n' Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, airing on UK TV C4 on Nov. 17, presumably because of his collaborations with Hendrix on Electric Ladyland. If you're in England, please do check it out and let the rest of us know how it goes.

In more general news, he is apparently going off-tour for awhile to record his next album.

Because this is technically a community where I not only keep people updated on this stuff but we have discussions about his work, let's start something.

If Steve were to read this (even though I'm pretty sure he has better things to do) what musical elements would you, as fans, like to see on his next album in terms of producing, instrumentation, musical styles, guest musicians, etc...

Okay, I'll start.
I for one, would like to see him revisit some of the more obscure Traffic tunes and funk them up a bit. He did a good job of that with Gimme some Lovin' at the first concert of his that I saw.
Also, while I liked the pared-down instrumentation, if would be good for him to fill out the band a bit. Maybe add some bass so he can fiddle around more on the keyboards and so that more depth is added.
» MSN livechat...

Steve Winwood goes all interwebby! He will be hosting a livechat on Monday, September 19 at 6pm EST.

Please see the official site (http://www.stevewinwood.com) for more details.
» Uh...how is this relevant?
Steve Winwood is granting radio interviews across the US, which is great but...


I have never heard such a ridiculous interview in my life. And I've heard past interviews where they ask Steve the stupidest questions like,

"So, Steve. Do you like playing the organ?"
"How did you feel when your dad died?"
"Do you like playing in [insert city name here]?"

What do they expect him to say? Why can't interviewers be genuine and ask real questions?!

Anyway, the reason I'm posting is because in this interview, they not only insult Steve's intelligence by asking him if he really likes performing but they lower themselves on the food chain by asking him if there's going to be any girls with big boobs in the Traffic DVD. What the f*ck. I may be old-fashioned, but that's rude and inappropriate.

If anyone wants to lose brain cells by listening to this, go for it.

» some new developments...
I just want to say that I'm glad that I like Steve now that we're in the digital era. Here's why.

1) Last Great Traffic Jam will soon be available on DVD, sometime this month actually depending on where you're from. This was Traffic's 1994 tour with Chris Wood being absent due to death. You can see a small clip here: http://www.stevewinwood.com/news.full.php

Moving right along...

2) To reiterate, Steve will be appearing on Late night with Conan O' Brien on September 21 as a musical guest. He will also be appearing on Weekend Today (also on NBC) on September 17 somewhere between 9am and 11am EST. Check it out on the site: http://www.stevewinwood.com/news.full.php

3) Soundstage is FINALLY available. Mine's apparently on its way.

4) The Blind Faith DVD will now be available. This comes as a surprise because its production was stalled indefinitely a few months ago. Here is the info and sorry about the long url. http://www.sanctuaryrecords.co.uk/index.php?action=showproduct&productid=33981&l1=3&l2=0&l3=0&rt=&lastpage

I like the cover-art, but Steve looks like he has a cramp in his side.

Oh, and I bought the Electric Ladyland DVD and well, it kind of sucks. If you know alot about Hendrix, it's good. However, don't buy it solely to see Steve. There is no footage of him in the 60s on it, and he gets interviewed for possibly 30 seconds total.
» on the Late night...
Steve Winwood is supposed to appear (ironically) on Late night with Conan O'Brien on September 21 on NBC. I guess we'll finally see them side by side. I don't think he looks much like Conan anymore, and I doubt he'll be nearly as irritating. I'll admit he looks like him in the early eighties. Grudgingly. I hope that Conan will be nice; Steve isn't always the most coherrent or engaging of victimsinterviewees.
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