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steve winwood

the calm shy superfreak

the calm shy superfreak
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Attention all Dealers, Pearly Queens and Vagabond Virgins!

The above title, coined in 1968 by Al Kooper of Blood, Sweat and Tears sums it all up. Steve Winwood is a remarkable, yet underated artist who has been making great music ever since 1965. From Spencer Davis Group to Traffic to Blind Faith to his solo career, he's been able to master many different musical styles, often blending them together to create something new and exciting.

This community is for all of you Woodheads out there who want to discuss anything and everything relating to Steve Winwood, through all of his permutations in his 40 year musical career. But first a few rules...

No bashing others' opinions. Everyone's allowed to have them. This is not a rating community, nor do I want it to become one. I will delete comments that are rude and mean.

That's it! Don't get caught in Traffic!

Veuillez notez: Cette communauté est aussi ouverte à toutes les francophones qui veulent discuter touts aspects de Steve Winwood. Ne soyez pas génés! Si vous avez une appréciation pour sa musique, n'hésitez pas à nous joindre!

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